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Seidr is *not* ‘shamanic techniques’ (or ‘shamanesque’), yoga or feng-shui, organic gardening or ‘hobbit’ / permaculture housing, vision quests or Vipassana, crystals or Reiki, massage or ‘Celtic’ wisdom, or any Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist or Mesopotamian inspired ‘wisdom teaching’. A general…

Sörla þáttr eða Heðins saga ok Högna (“The Tale of Sörli, or of Heðin and Högni”)

Sörla þáttr eða Heðins saga ok Högna (“The Tale of Sörli, or of Heðin and Högni”) Fyrir austan Vanakvísl í Asía var kallat Asíaland eða Asíaheimr, en þat fólk var kallat Æsir, er þar byggðu, en höfuðborgina kölluðu þeir Ásgarð. Óðinn var þar nefndr konungr … Continue reading Sörla þáttr eða Heðins saga ok Högna (“The Tale of Sörli, or of Heðin and Högni”)


Hægtesse One of the magic words for which there is no male form, suggesting its original meaning was close to “diviner, soothsayer,” which were always female in northern European paganism, and hægtesse seem at one time to have meant “woman of prophetic and oracular powers” … Continue reading Hægtesse

The search for Odin

During my experiential and dare I say experimental magical workings with Odin in the early 90s, I can say from my point of view as a seer that he was not Northern European. But I guess you can call this my personal gnosis. However in a fairly recent study:
“What compelled Dr. Heyerdahl to investigate the matter was apparently the similarity of the word Azov to the place called by Snorri “Ashov (read as As-hov)” the site of tribal sacrifices. This prompted a joint Norwegian – Swedish and Russian archaeological project that began in 2001. A research centre


was set up in England, and after the death of Dr. Heyerdahl, has set as its mission to continue the work in Azov and the Caucasus. What is very interesting for the purposes of the present study is that Dr. Heyerdahl located a people called “Odin-People” (Ossetians) residing in what is today Azerbaijan, who he said consider themselves descendants of the same people who migrated to Scandinavia long ago.”
Please read the entire article. Always in your research for the truth look outside the box rather settle for the garbage you are being sold by Nationalist who need an identity to justify their imagined superiority over other human beings.