New Age Fill-in-the-Blank

The very few gifted individual that I can relate to regarding the praxis of historical seiðr, I can place on one hand. It is far easier for modern recons to play act their roles out on the ‘High-Chair’ content at the BS marvels they can spew out to a limited gullible and historically ignorant audience. Trance possession voodoo based seiðr as far as I am concerned never existed in the historical heathen timeline. There is no evidence for it . See:ðr

Valarie Wright

Seidr is *not* ‘shamanic techniques’ (or ‘shamanesque’), yoga or feng-shui, organic gardening or ‘hobbit’ / permaculture housing, vision quests or Vipassana, crystals or Reiki, massage or ‘Celtic’ wisdom, or any Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist or Mesopotamian inspired ‘wisdom teaching’.

A general characteristic of neo-shamans and would-be seid-workers, that contrasts *strongly* with traditional Seidbearers, is that the new age spirit-magic user actively works on their own ‘enlightenment’ / betterment / gain / growth. Whereas the Indo-European inspired Seidbearer – who works towards the reclamation of their Ancestral wisdom via research, study and application – knows they are Forn Threifa Healers, literally, ‘Ancient Touch’ applicants that *serve* kin and tribe. In other words: The traditional Seidbearer’s endeavers equals ‘medical school’ where the new age shaman / would-be seid person focuses on ‘personal’ healing and ‘individual’ ‘salvation’.

I have been saying this for decades. In fact, even Michael Harner said this repeatedly…

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