The Norse Goddess Sif

Goddess Sif
Sif is the wife of Thor, the mother of WulÞur and Trude. WulÞur father is unknown but Trude is the offspring of Thor and Sif. Snorri Sturlusson mentions in his prologue to his Edda that Sif’s parentage is unknown but that Sif is a prophetess. This is an inaccuracy taken from the assumption connection to the Classical “Sibyl”. The goddess Sif is well renown for her long golden hair which according to one myth, Loki crops her hair off forging the treasures of the gods. Theories abound that Sif’s golden hair is the embodiment of the fields of grain which around the harvest time in England appears to the imagination as golden hairs rippling in the breeze. Within the United Kingdom it is believed that lightning ᛋ during the summer seasons were needed for the crops to ripen at least according to local superstition here. And folks of the old ways always tend to associate lighting with the Thunder god Thor. Sif’s long golden hair according to the sagas make her the epitome of womanhood, definitely the fairest of the Norse goddesses and the very embodiment of the Norse ideal of female attractiveness. Long hair was also in my opinion considered to have a meaningful sign of both life force and holiness amongst the ancient Germanic peoples.

So when Loki cropped Sif’s hair, it was not only considered a great insult but also an attack on the life force of the Æsir, in some ways similar to the theft of Iδunn. The most famous tale about her features said hair, in which the trickster god, Loki, with whom she may have had an affair with, shaves her head and absconds with her hair. Throughout the stories, Loki is an often jealous god. Although he himself is described as comely and charismatic, he is envious of gods who are beautiful and well-liked. While asleep, and by some accounts, having drugged Sif and Thor, he creeps into their bedchamber and shears off her crowning glory.

Turville-Petre in Myth and Religion pg 98 suggests “Probably the wife of Thor was once conceived in the form of a Rowan, to which the god clung” Sif is never depicted as a Battle Goddess despite the Marvel movies portrayal of her. Sif to me represents on the physical level material wealth and prosperity much more than the goddess sorceress Freyja. Gold or golden colours would be her hues and the Fall our English autumn would be her time of the year.


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